Study Notes For Sub Inspector of Police – Constitution of India

1) The number of Articles under the Directive Principles when the constitution was brought into force:


2) A member of Public Service Commission can be removed only on the report of:

Supreme Court

3) The First Speaker of Lok Sabha:

G.V. Mavlankar

4) The Lok Sabha must meet atleast …… times in a year:


5) The number of languages in the Eighth Schedule when it was brought into force?


6) The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs is headed by:

Prime Minister

7) The Chairman of the first Law Commission:

M.C Setalvad

8) Where does a money bill originate in Indian Parliament?

Lok Sabha

9) The first Lok Adalah was held in the year:


10) The Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha in:

Financial Powers

11) The tenure of members of Rajya Sabha is ….. years:


12) The first hour of every sitting of Lok Sabha is called the ……

Question Hour

13) The Indian Constitution is regarded as ………

Federal in form and unitary in spirit

14) The speaker of Lok Sabha submits his resignation to:

Deputy Speaker

15) The idea of the president is the executive head of the state has been copied from:


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