What is HTTPS ?

  • HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.
  • It is related to web concepts and data transmissions over the network.
  • A protocol to handle data transfer between browser and server.
  • URL starts with “https://” if https.
  • HTTPS is secured.
  • HTTPS send data over the port 443.
  • There is need of SSL certificated for HTTPS.
  • There is encryption happens before sending the data from the browser.
  • The people tracking the network cannot see the data we are sending.

What is SQL Injection?

SQL Injection
SQL Injection

SQL Injection is a type of injection attack. An attacker can use it to make a web application process and execute injected SQL statements as part of an existing SQL query.

The user will use sql queries in the input area to hack the website.
Consider a website have login page with input user name and password. In the backend code we have created the query dynamically combining the inputs. In this situation, If user try to give sql queries in the input box, there is a chance the query will be executed. If it happened, then user have the control to manage our database.

How to format mysql date in php?

We always face problem while saving and displaying the date field, so must need to know how to format the date while displaying the date to the user.

To resolve the issue of displaying the date in dd-mm-yyyy format when it is saved in the mysql database as yyyy-mm-dd do the following:

$resdate=mysql_query(“select DATE_FORMAT(date_column_name, ‘%d/%m/%y’) AS formated_created_date from user where userid=’$userid’”);

echo $rowd[“formated_created_date”];