How to move second div to first in mobile view using css ?

we may need to show divs in different ways in mobile views. Like the same now consider a situation there is a requirement to move the second div to first and first div to second in mobile view. for web view it is normal.

You can find below code that helps to move second div to first and first div to second using css.

If you want to test

Step 1 : the code just copy the code
Step 2 : open a editor or notepad and paste the code
Step 3 : save the code in any location with file extension “.html” , Eg : index.html
Step 4 : open the file in a browser and check the mobile view.

Move second div to first and first div to second using css


.parent div

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
       display: table;
    .parent div{width: 100%;float: none}
        display: table-header-group;

<div class="parent">
 <div class="leftColumn">
 This is the first div

 <div class="rightColumn">
 This is the second div





How to set css opacity in internet explorer ?

ie problem

                             For the all internet browser has there common standards and standards of their own so some feature in style may not be same in another browser. Now a days we face most of the problems for the styles in internet explorer, all other browsers supports the same css properties but internet explorer will not support it. like this way one of the main css property we use daily is opacity. All other browser support opacity property in the name ‘opacity’ but internet explorer does not support opacity keyword,we have to use opacity inside a filter property. Instedof opacity we have to use filter , for example filter: alpha(opacity = 50);

So briefly the opacity feature of css does not work on internet explorer IE, to overcome that use filter option.


.modify_opacity {
opacity: 0.6;
filter: alpha(opacity = 60);

Note: The value of filter is different from opacity