P S C Previous Questions Q&A

1) Person of which blood group are known as universal doner?

O group

2) The election commission of india is:

Constitutional body

3) Which is known as brain of computer:


4) The Dutch power of India was ended with the battle of:


5) UN day is celebrated on :

October 24

6) Theory of Relativity is associated:

Albert Einstein

7) Which place is known as Mecca of Kerala?


8) The person known as “Periyor”:

E V Ramaswamy Naikkar

9) The Human Organ severely affected due to Alcohol consumption:


10) Who was the prime minister of india when PMRY (Prime Ministers Rozgar yojana) came into force:

P V Narasimha Rao

11) Which oceans name means “peaceful”:

Pacific ocean

12) The pioneer of Vanchippattu:

Ramapurath Warrior

13) A R Rajaraja Varma was popularly known as:

Kerala Panini

14) Which is the second month of National Calendar of India:


15) The First Law officer of Government of India:

Attorney General

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