What is ADO.NET and its features?


  • It is one of the major component of .Net Framework.
  • It is designed to connect to databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access etc. and work with data stored in them

In ADO.net some namespaces are used to access database they are

  • Data – Contains all generic data access classes
  • Data.Common – Contains classes which are shared / overridden by data providers
  • Data.OleDb – OLE DB provider classes used to access database such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and MS Access.
  • Data.SqlClient – Contains classes for SQL Server
  • Data.SqlTypes – Contains SQL Server data types

Different layers of ADO.Net

  • Database Access Layer
  • Business Logic Layer
  • Presentation Layer

Features of ADO.Net 

  • It provides some in built classes to connect databases like mysql,sql,oracle etc,
  • In built classes to do operations like insert,update,delete and select.
  • Integration is very tight with XML
  • Disconnected Data architecture for better performance

New features in ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • Presistence Ignorace
  • Lazy Loading
  • Self Tracking Entities
  • Model-First Development
  • Model-Defined Functions

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